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Do You Have a Volunteer or Minor Coming to Participate in Research Activities?

A volunteer is an individual who is not affiliated with Emory (non-Emory Student or non-Emory Personnel) – see Emory University Policy 4.83. A minor is any person who has not attained 18 years of age and who is not enrolled in an Emory University or Oxford College regular catalog course or degree program – see Emory University Policy 7.21. All volunteers […]

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Important – Do you Store Hazardous Chemical Waste?

New Hazardous Waste Regulations have recently been adopted; here are the current guidelines for hazardous chemical waste management implemented by the Emory Environmental Health and Safety Office: AFFIX a completed Hazardous Waste Label; list all primary chemical constituents and their percentages. AFFIX all Globally Harmonized System (GHS) pictograms that define the hazard of the chemical […]

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Biological, Chemical and Chemicals in Animals Registrations/Forms Review in 2019

The use of biological materials and chemicals in the laboratory or in animals require the review and approval of the Biosafety Office. Biological and Chemical Registrations, as well as, Chemicals in Animals Forms are maintained in BioRAFT. We are making efforts to synchronize the review of all modules to occur at around the same time […]

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BioRAFT Chemical Registration – Identifying Highly Hazardous Chemicals Used in the Laboratory

Completing your Chemical Registration is the final step in BioRAFT for all laboratories using highly hazardous chemicals.  If your lab has Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHC), you need to complete the HHC Survey and update personnel handling these chemicals in your laboratory. A special feature of the BioRAFT platform is the option of having a chemical […]

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Working with Hazardous Chemicals in Animals

If you are planning on working with hazardous chemicals and animals there are a few requirements that need to be met. You must be listed on an EHSO Chemical Safety Approval Letter and your PI must have IACUC approval to use hazardous chemicals in animals. To be listed on an EHSO approval letter, your PI […]

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Working with Hazardous Chemicals at Emory University – Particularly Hazardous Substances

OSHA and Emory University require that individual laboratories develop written procedures for handling particularly hazardous substances (See the OSHA Lab Standard 1910.1450 and Emory University Chemical Hygiene Plan). Written procedures document that personnel are trained and help to ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Particularly hazardous substances are chemical agents that pose a serious health […]

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Radiation Safety Training is Moving to BioRAFT

Are you listed in a Radioactive Materials Usage License? The training modules for RAM users have moved from ELMS to BioRAFT. After November 1, 2018, the following training modules must be completed in BioRAFT: Radiation Safety for Laboratory Research Personnel – INITIAL Radiation Safety for Laboratory Research Personnel – Refresher – EVERY THREE YEARS Log into BioRAFT: www.emory.bioraft.com. If […]

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October is Biosafety Month

2018 is the 5th anniversary of Biosafety Month. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Office of Science Policy (OSP) initially created National Biosafety Month to encourage institutions to highlight the importance of biosafety and undertake activities to strengthen their biosafety programs. The 2018 Biosafety Month theme is “Promoting a Culture of Biosafety and Responsibility” with […]

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Update: Training in BioRAFT and Automated Training Reminders

The following training modules can now be completed in BioRAFT: EHSO – General Laser Safety – When existing laser systems are modified, new laser systems are added to lab, or at the discretion of the Laser Safety Officer (LSO). EHSO – Research Lab Safety – ANNUAL EHSO – BBP for Research – ANNUAL EHSO – […]

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Featured BioRAFT Functionality – How to Add Personnel

This month EHSO will provide you with a few tips that may help you navigate the electronic platform to manage personnel using biological, chemicals and radioactive materials in your laboratory. Addition of research individuals to the Principal Investigator’s registration in BioRAFT will allow them to complete training. Only Emory staff and Emory students who appear […]

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