Urgent! Do you Store Hazardous Chemical Waste?

The State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division has implemented new rules for hazardous waste management. Here are the current guidelines for hazardous chemical waste management implemented by Emory EHSO:

  1. LABEL all chemical waste containers to indicate contents (Picture 1). Find labels at www.ehso.emory.edu.
  2. AFFIX a GHS pictogram (Figure 1) to the containers that defines the hazard of the chemical (flammable, corrosive, etc.). Contact George Golston at george.golston@emory.edu.
  3. CLOSE containers except when chemicals are being added.
  4. TRAINING needs to be up to date for all personnel handling highly hazardous chemicals. Go to ELMS and search for the EHSO Research Laboratory Safety training (Course number 240150).

Contact EHSO if you have any questions: EHSO@emory.edu.

Label on waste container










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