Broken Glass Disposal Containers

What goes into these containers?

Broken glass disposal containers are designated for the disposal of non-contaminated broken glass. The use of BROKEN GLASS DISPOSAL containers to dispose of non-contaminated broken glass helps to segregate contaminated and non-contaminated broken glass. Please help us protect our environment!

How do I dispose of the broken glass disposal container?

Close and tape the container when 3/4ths full. Keep in mind the weight of the filled container can affect the ability of the container to be safely disposed. Glass boxes should be disposed when they are <35 pounds if at all possible. If necessary, close, tape, and dispose of it before it is too heavy so that it can be easily handled. This will allow for safe disposal in the regular trash. Some laboratories must transport the closed container to the loading dock, while other laboratories can simply place the container outside the lab door for pick-up. Check with your facility manager for more information.

Review EHSO Safe Lifting “Tool Box” for addition information on proper lifting technique to avoid injury:

What about disposal of intact glass bottles?

Certain intact glass bottles can be disposed in the glass recycling or regular trash bin. This saves space in the broken glass disposal container.

Before disposal,

  1. Ensure the bottle did not contain a P-listed chemical (see our new fact sheet on identifying p-list chemicals)
  2. For non-P-listed chemicals, triple rinse the bottle, remove the cap, then deface the label with a marker.
  3. For P-listed chemicals, submit a waste collection request for the empty bottle via

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