Fire Safety Week

LOOK (for places where a fire could start), LISTEN (for the sound of the smoke alarm), LEARN (two ways out of every room). Be aware fire can happen anywhere.  

Do you know where the fire extinguisher is located? 

OSHA requires that fire extinguishers receive two types of inspections to ensure that they work when activated: 

  • Monthly visual inspection: The responsibility of the individuals in the laboratory. 
  • Annual certification inspection: Conducted by an Emory-approved contractor. 

How do I conduct a monthly inspection? 

  • Location: Is the fire extinguisher mounted on the wall? Is the fire extinguisher unobstructed? 
  • Condition: Is the pin in place and is the gauge needle in the green? 

If answers are “yes,” initial and date the back of the inspection card following each check. If answers are “no,” contact Fire Life Safety at 404-727-7378 for a replacement. 

 Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher?  

  • Hands-on fire extinguisher training is offered to Emory University staff through the Office of Fire Life Safety.  Completing hands-on training will ensure that lab personnel are confident to react quickly during a fire emergency.
  • Formal classroom training is recommended but not required. However, labs must review instruction on the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the recognition of incipient or early stages of a fire.  Only persons who have received training (hands-on training or Lab Rat Newsletter Fire Extinguisher education) should use fire extinguisher. 

 Do you know when to use a fire extinguisher? 

  • If a fire is in the beginning stages, then you may be able to put it out by using a nearby fire extinguisher.   
    • Pull the fire alarm, locate the nearest fire extinguisher, and position yourself approximately 6 feet away from the fire, keeping your back towards the nearest exit. 
    • Have a clear route of escape in case the fire starts to spread. When you are ready to discharge the fire extinguisher, remember P.A.S.S. (see image).  
  • If the smoke begins to accumulate or the fire begins to spread, then it is best to evacuate. 
  • Call EPD 404727-6111.  
  • All fires must be reported. If an extinguisher was used to extinguish a fire, this counts as a reportable fire. Then create a work order for replacement by calling 404727-7463 (Fire Extinguisher workorder) so that the incident can be properly followed up and extinguisher replaced by Campus Services. 

Do you know the evacuation route for your location? You need to locate the Evacuation Map.

If you do not notice evacuation routes posted in your building, contact Fire Life Safety at 404-727-7378. 



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