Chemical Fume Hood Annual Performance Testing

Chemical Fume Hood

Chemical fume hoods (CFHs) are found in most research labs and must undergo annual performance testing (previously referred to as certification).

Annual Performance Testing
(formerly known as certification)

1. Measure the flow rate (linear feet per minute, lfm) with the sash set at 18 inches from the fume hood surface/bench. Multiple data points are recorded and averaged using an air velocity meter or similar device.
2. Visual smoke test is performed to confirm that airflow is not obstructed.
3. Check for any visible signs of damage to the sash and side panels.

Emory EHSO will perform an annual performance test, will document the results with a sticker on the equipment, and update BioRAFT at no cost. Lab personnel will be notified of upcoming performance testing.

Air Velocity Meter

If the chemical fume hood does not pass the test, it will be tagged out of service and a work order will be placed ASAP. Campus services will be notified to perform any necessary adjustments or repairs. The test will be repeated once the hood has been repaired. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Research Safety, Dr. Kalpana Rengarajan [office: 404-727-8863 |].

Chemical Fume Hood Safe Work Practices

– When using a chemical fume hood, you must stand directly in front of the hood, with the sash positioned at 18 inches or less from the work surface.
– Conduct all work and keep all apparatus at least 6 inches back from the face of the hood. A stripe on the bench surface is a good reminder.
– CFHs should not be used for storage of chemicals, waste, or other materials.
– The flow rate must not be affected by any materials or equipment inside.
– The sash must not be broken or cracked.
– If there is an audible alarm to alert malfunction, it must not be muted.
– Be aware of electrical equipment and the use of flammable chemicals inside or nearby the hood.

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