Lab Safety Spotlight

After the Research Safety team conducted laboratory inspections during the month of February, our team has selected one lab to be recognized.

EHSO would like to recognize the Cancer Tissue and Pathology Shared Resources Lab for the February Lab Safety Spotlight. Congratulations to the members of Dr. Gabriel Sica’s research group for embracing a culture of safety. Keep up the great work!

Pictured L-R: Jennifer Robertson, Vaunita Parihar, Maggie Johns, Brian Burns, Ke Yu, Edward Henderson. Not pictured: Gabe Sica, Dianne Alexis, Jennifer Shelton, Shauna Hooper, Lakeshia Jones

About the Lab: The Cancer Tissue and Pathology Shared Resource supports basic, clinical, and translational research across Emory University by offering comprehensive biobanking and histopathologic services. We work with all major disease groups at Winship Cancer Institute to collect, process, store, and distribute high-quality human solid and liquid tumors, as well as normal control tissue. In addition, our histopathologic services include basic tissue processing and embedding, H&E staining, routine and specialized IHC (including multiplex IHC), tissue microarrays, whole slide scanning for digital pathology and more. Find additional information at or email

Members of the lab selected for the Lab Safety Spotlight will receive a pizza party sponsored by EHSO.

Thank you to all the labs and team members for being proactive and embracing a culture of safety.

Ways members of research labs can embrace a culture of safety:

  • Maintain your EHSO training to keep it up-to-date
  • Know the biological, chemical properties, or characteristics of the materials that you are using in research
  • Use your PPE according to the lab-specific PPE Assessment
  • Review the safety and lab-specific SOPs before commencing work
  • Clean after you have finished your work
  • Know how to respond to and report an incident or accident


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