RGC PAS Kick Off Meetings

Kick Off Meetings!

In November 2019 RGC Post Award Setup (PAS) implemented a new best practice for all New and Continuation awards that have 10 or more projects and over $1M.  This process may also apply to other complex awards that may warrant a discussion.

These meetings will be scheduled via Skype/Zoom for about 30 mins once the agreement has been signed by both parties, and RGC has received the setup request from OSP or OTT.   They are designed to provide RAS research team and RGC Award Setup team the opportunity to engage in dialogs to acquire key information needed for successful management of awards.   This process will enhance the success of internal controls and will be instrumental in the reduction of inefficiencies.

The benefits of this practice are:

  • Helps team members get to know each other
  • It allows everyone to be part of the decision-making process when there are unclear terms and conditions
  • It allows stakeholders to clarify any proposal information received that is unclear
  • A great way to foster collaboration among colleagues across areas

Who will be Invited to Attend?

  • RAS Pre and Post Award Analyst
  • RAS Manager
  • Operations FA (for non-NIH grant agreements only)
  • Optional attendees:  OSP or OTT Analyst, and RGC PAS AD

Since implementation, RGC Post Award Setup has held several meetings resulting in positive feedback from the community.

If you have questions about this new practice, please contact Jumionne Tiako directly at jtiako@emory.edu.

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