Budget Reductions for Financial Status Reports (FSRs)

Thank you to everyone who attended our brief demonstration on “Budget Reductions for Financial Status Reports (FSRs)” conducted by RGC Operations on Tuesday, April 14th. You shared great questions & insight.  We appreciate each of you who took part to make the demonstration a success.

Here are a few points of reference from the demo:

  • RAS Post Award Staff is responsible to reduce budgets to equal reported expenditures at time of FSR submission to RGC Operations. (Refer to FSR Toolkit & Compass Job Aid: How to adjust project budgets)
    • RGC Operations will continue to reduce final budgets for non-FSR awards.
  • Budget reductions for FSR purposes should use “Financial Summary Report” budget entry type only.
  • Utilize Contract Workbench: Balances in Compass & as well as public query: “EU_GM_PROJ_BUD_TRANS_DATE_4” to review your entries to ensure accuracy.
  • Collaboration is required between RAS & RGC Operations on NIH T-Awards

For those who missed the presentation a recorded version is available via this link, and the RGC website, under “Training, Training Documents and “Award Management Best Practices.” In keeping with our mission, we hope this demonstration helps ensure consistency & transparency on this procedure moving forward.  We welcome your feedback which can be relayed to our Director, Rashonda Harris at rharr30@emory.edu.

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