New Hazardous Waste Vendor- US Ecology

EHSO would like to introduce the new hazardous waste collection vendor – US Ecology. Beginning May 2020, you will see new uniformed personnel picking up your hazardous waste.

The change in vendor has no impact on the Emory process for chemical waste. Continue to use the link titled “Waste Collection” located on the EHSO website ( to request hazardous waste pick-up or hazardous waste containers.

By our request, US Ecology will be providing feedback to the EHSO Environmental Compliance Group on any compliance issues related to hazardous waste management observed while providing service to our customers. This value-added service helps keep Emory in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Note: This change in vendor for hazardous waste collection has no impact on management of biohazardous waste. Stericycle will continue to manage biohazardous waste.

You are welcome to provide any feedback on the new services, too. Please contact us by e-mail at

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