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Update to the Hazardous Waste Guidelines

The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) updated and expanded the Hazardous Waste Guidelines, now titled Regulated Waste Guidelines to include additional topics listed below. The current version is on our website under Forms/Documents. This guideline provides information for proper management of regulated waste so that we protect our environment and maintain compliance with applicable […]

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New Hazardous Waste Vendor- US Ecology

EHSO would like to introduce the new hazardous waste collection vendor – US Ecology. Beginning May 2020, you will see new uniformed personnel picking up your hazardous waste. The change in vendor has no impact on the Emory process for chemical waste. Continue to use the link titled “Waste Collection” located on the EHSO website […]

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Working with Hazardous Chemicals in Animals

If you are planning on working with hazardous chemicals and animals there are a few requirements that need to be met. You must be listed on an EHSO Chemical Safety Approval Letter and your PI must have IACUC approval to use hazardous chemicals in animals. To be listed on an EHSO approval letter, your PI […]

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Working with Hazardous Chemicals at Emory University – Particularly Hazardous Substances

OSHA and Emory University require that individual laboratories develop written procedures for handling particularly hazardous substances (See the OSHA Lab Standard 1910.1450 and Emory University Chemical Hygiene Plan). Written procedures document that personnel are trained and help to ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Particularly hazardous substances are chemical agents that pose a serious health […]

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In the News… Lessons Learned

Unforeseen laboratory accidents and incidents can occur as a result of working with different types of hazards associated with research activities.  Over the last several years, high profile events at universities across the country have raised concerns about lab safety programs and efforts to mitigate hazards and risks. In recent news, a student at the […]

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Important – Do you Store Hazardous Chemical Waste?

New Hazardous Waste Regulations have recently been adopted; here are the current guidelines for hazardous chemical waste management implemented by the Emory Environmental Health and Safety Office: AFFIX a completed Hazardous Waste Label; list all primary chemical constituents and their percentages. AFFIX all Globally Harmonized System (GHS) pictograms that define the hazard of the chemical […]

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Do I Need Respiratory Protection?

Emory has a commitment to its faculty and staff to keep them safe while they conduct the research that has made its name globally recognized. A hazard found while conducting research activities is airborne contaminants. This includes chemicals, animal dander, physical hazards, including nanoparticles, and/or biological agents. Emory uses the “Hierarchy of Controls” to minimize […]

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Report All Work-Related Injury, Illness or Exposure – Have You Accessed HOME?

Report all work-related injury, illness or exposure – Have you accessed HOME? Employees who are injured on the job must promptly notify their supervisor and report to Occupational Injury Management according to Emory University Policy 4.93 Workplace Health and Safety. Emory’s Health and Occupational Management at Emory (HOME) is the web-based tool/portal used by Emory […]

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Quick Reminders about Waste Segregation and Disposal

Recently, EHSO received reports of incorrect waste disposal and recycling practices.  The reports included instances of improper glove disposal, improper disposal of unused lab supplies, improper storage of autoclaved waste, and improper disposal of UV lamps.   Additionally, here are a few quick reminders on how you should segregate and dispose of your lab’s waste.To […]

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What’s that smell?

Your workspace should provide adequate indoor air quality and be free of health hazards. If you are experiencing strong or offensive odors in your work area, follow the instructions below to make sure you know what to do and who to call.    For extremely strong, irritating odors that are affecting your mucous membranes and/or respiratory system, you detect strong burning odors or […]

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