ORA Office Overview

The Office for Research Administration encompasses many individual offices, each of which retain expertise in different areas of the research process. Your first point of contact will usually be your local RAS representative. They will help you determine which of the other touchpoints are necessary to submit a grant application, conduct a clinical trial, or anything in between. Here is a short overview of each office.






  • Office for Clinical Research: The OCR has a hand in many operational aspects of conducting clinical research at Emory. Their roles include research staff trainings, clinical trial invoicing, pre-award activities, and ensuring that study data is updated in a variety of internal and external systems. More information is available here: http://www.ocr.emory.edu/forms/index.html.


  • Office of Sponsored Programs: The OSP negotiates and signs proposals, non-industry contracts, and awards for non-industry federal grants, foundation grants, corporate grants, government contracts, and any incoming/outgoing subcontracts under the above grants and contracts. You can find an overview of their role here: http://www.osp.emory.edu/about/index.html.


  • Office of Technology Transfer: The OTT negotiates industry/corporate contracts and agreements, and associated subcontracts. You’ll work with them if you need to negotiate and execute a material transfer agreement (MTA) or data use agreement (DUA). They work with Emory researchers and industry contacts to bring science to market. Learn more about them here: http://www.ott.emory.edu/about/index.html.



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