RAS STrategic OutReach Initiative [STORI]

ORA and RAS are excited to launch the RAS STrategic OutReach Initiative (STORI). As part of our research transformation initiative, we are committed to increasing communication and transparency with our partners. Each month we will publish the RAS STORIs. You can access current and archived versions of the RAS STORIs from the RAS website http://ras.emory.edu/. The RAS STORIs will be shared with the faculty, all RAS staff, CBOs and other school/unit leaders, department/division leaders, our ORA partners, and other stakeholders.

The RAS STORIs include RAS-wide metrics, project information, and process improvement updates as well as data specific to your local RAS unit. We will continue to add information and data to the RAS STORI as ORA metrics evolve. You can access ORA Mission Metrics online at http://www.or.emory.edu/reporting/mission_metrics/index.html.

Issue 1 of the RAS STORI includes FY20 highlights.

ABOSS http://ras.emory.edu/documents/ABOSSRASSTORIFY20
BSCI http://ras.emory.edu/documents/BSCIRASSTORIFY20
CAPS http://ras.emory.edu/documents/CAPSRASSTORIFY20
C&I http://ras.emory.edu/documents/CANDIRASSTORIFY20
DOM http://ras.emory.edu/documents/DOMRASSTORIFY20
HSS http://ras.emory.edu/documents/HSSRASSTORIFY20
PEDS http://ras.emory.edu/documents/PEDSRASSTORIFY20
PHN http://ras.emory.edu/documents/PHNRASSTORIFY20
YRK http://ras.emory.edu/documents/YRKRASSTORIFY20


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