RAS Triannual Partnership Meetings

As part of continuous efforts to increase communication and transparency between the research community and administration, Office of Research Administration has launched a series of Triannual Partnership Meetings. These meetings will facilitate continuous communications between individual ORA units and their stakeholders, widening the flow of information and allowing all stakeholders to understand and enact their roles in smooth research administration operations.

Thrice-annual meetings provide the opportunity to share expectations, news, and achievements between the schools/units and ORA leaders. Topics include departmental accomplishments and goals from multiple ORA units. The meetings also allow RAS leaders to disseminate mutually beneficial information, such as changes in research regulations or updated business processes. School and department representatives have the opportunity to learn how their research activities compare to others within the university, and the workload of their specific RAS, as well as to provide their perspective on process and policy issues. Relevant process improvement initiatives may be discussed. Each meeting culminates in a faculty feedback and partnership discussion, allowing all participants to share thoughts and generate ideas for more effective partnership.

While the Faculty Feedback Form remains online to receive ongoing communication, we encourage community members to engage with their unit leads regarding feedback they would like shared during partnership meetings.

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