ORA Spotlight: RGC Post Award Setup (PAS) Team

Did you know spending or billing cannot occur on your sponsored programs award without the Post Award Setup (PAS) team?

The PAS team is the glue between OSP, RAS and RGC Operations. A small but powerful analysis team makes sure all sponsored awards are analyzed, reviewed, and ensures data integrity within the compass system. They work closely with OSP, RAS and their counterpart RGC Operations on critical components of the agreement when terms within the agreement are ambiguous. Once the award request is submitted by OSP it is analyzed and key parts of the agreement are extrapolated in order to make important decisions to the structure of the award which sets up the award and the contract/billing portion within COMPASS. The speed type is also generated which allows the PI to spend on their award.  The internal document known as the eNOA is also disseminated through OnBase by the PAS team which officially alerts the research community that the award has been established in COMPASS.

As many parts of the ORA team worked hard on the rapid response initiative to assist research efforts during the COVID 19 pandemic, the PAS team had a 2 days or less setup response rate once given the award documents.  Oftentimes setting up the awards in COMPASS the same day, forsaking their normal 10-day turnaround rule in order to support Emory’s research community.

A well-deserved toast to the Post Award Setup team!  We are extremely proud of what we accomplish together as one ORA.

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