Accident Response and Reporting

In the event of an accident, incident, or near-miss employees must notify their supervisor and report it. This includes injuries, exposures, illnesses, falls, and fires. 

Injuries or Exposures: 

  1. If there is a medical emergency requiring transport to the nearest emergency department, call 911. 
  2. Immediately address the injury or exposure: 
    • Bites, needlesticks, cuts, hand or arm exposures – Wash exposed area with soap and water for 15 minutes.
    • Mucus membrane exposures (eyes, mouth, nostrils) – Flush the area with water for 15 minutes.
    • Full body exposures – Remove contaminated clothing and flush the area with water from the nearest emergency safety shower for 15 minutes. 
    • Strong irritating odors that affect your mucous membranes and/or respiratory system – Leave the area for fresh air and call: 
      • Emory Main and Oxford Campuses – Carol Wilkins-Hall at 404-326-8216 or the EHSO main number at 404-727-5922. For after-hour emergencies, contact the Emory Police Department (EPD) at 404-727-6111.  
      • Yerkes Main Campus – Emory Police Department (EPD) at 404-727-6111 and notify Maureen Thompson at 404-275-0963.
      • Yerkes Field Station – Dial 911 and notify Maureen Thompson at 404-275-0963.   
  3. Seek medical attention. 
  4. Notify your supervisor and Occupational Injury Management (OIM) – See Important Numbers to Know below. 
  5. Report the incident through the HR Self-Service portal. 


How to Report in PeopleSoft: 

Log into the HR Self-Service portal to initiate your report: > Workplace Health > log into H.O.M.E. using your Emory ID and password > Report Initial Work Injury/Exp. 

 There is also a step-by-step guide for reporting in H.O.M.E.. 


Important Numbers to Know  

OIM 7:30 am- 4pm All Emory Campus: 404-686-8587 

OIM After Hours, Weekends, Holidays: NP On Call: 404-686-5500 PIC# 50464 

Report Accidents or Injuries at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center to: 

Maureen Thompson 

3rd floor Main Center room # 3147 or 2nd floor room # 2109
Cell:  404-275-0963 


How do I report an accident or incident if I am an undergraduate student? 

Undergraduate students performing research activities in the laboratory must promptly notify their supervisor and contact Emory University Student Health Services if there is an accident, incident, or near-miss. Here is the link to Student Health Services:  



All fire incidents must be reported to the Emory Police Department (EPD).

  1. Call EPD at 404-727-6111 (EPD will notify Emory Fire Safety about the incident)
  2. If a fire extinguisher was used:
    • Complete a Work Management “Fire Extinguisher” Work Order or call Work Management at 404-727-7463. The used extinguisher will be replaced by the Facilities Management (FM) building mechanic.
    • Place a note on the extinguisher to document the following:
      • Where the used extinguisher was located.
      • What the extinguished was used to extinguish.
      • Approximate date and time the extinguisher was used.
  1. Report all fire incidents to EPD that involve the following actions:
    • Fire extinguisher use
    • Water
    • Smothering or stomping
    • Any mitigation to extinguish the fire (sand, etc.)
    • Any injuries
  1. If mitigation was not needed, it is not required to report a fire incident (i.e. flash that self-extinguishes with no damage or injuries).



 To report a spill, contact the EHSO Spill Response Team at 404-727-2888 – this is a 24/7 number – and someone will contact you to get additional details.


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