We Appreciate Your Feedback- ORA Annual Satisfaction Survey

We heard you!  We are incorporating your feedback!  And yes, we are reading all your comments! 

We can’t thank you enough for providing feedback regarding your satisfaction with the services of ORA and our research administrative departments and units. Our goal is to be, as transparent as possible by sharing the survey results across campus, as well as continue to have very informative conversations around these results.  We are working diligently to use your feedback and results of these surveys to improve our performance, outcomes, and services.  

Your feedback for the past two years has resulted in the complete redesign of our website and the improvements of our communications. The latter is reflected by the year-to-year improving survey results for communication.   The feedback that you have provided has also led to multiple process improvement initiatives such as: 

  •               Analyzing and increasing staffing levels throughout ORA 
  •               Improvements with training such as the implementation of the ORA RAE Training
  •               Efforts to improve communications such as newsletters, townhalls, etc.
  •               Continuous improvement focuses on such areas as RAS and Post Awards

Once again, we would appreciate your feedback as we strive to continue to improve our services for the Emory Research Community. Please take the time and participate in the third annual ORA satisfaction survey by clicking here. The survey will run from October 31st – December 16th.  We very much appreciate all feedback and look forward to partnering with you as we seek to improve our services and support for you and your staff.

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