RAS Support for PIs – Find Your RAS Contact

Research Administration Services (RAS) provides expertise in the compliance and administrative requirements of the grant lifecycle. RAS support allows researchers to concentrate on the science or study and still be excellent stewards of sponsored funds and outcomes. The services offered by RAS include pre- and post-award support. Every Principal Investigator has a Pre-Award and Post-Award Administrator assigned to support their sponsored funding throughout the entire life cycle of an award.  

Pre-Award Administrators support Investigators in proposing and managing sponsored programs by providing assistance in developing, reviewing, and submitting proposals. This includes serving as a resource for institutional and sponsor policies and regulations. Pre-Award Administrators also serve as a liaison with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). 

Post-Award Administrators are responsible for providing Investigators and their research teams with day-to-day financial oversight assistance and support in the financial administration of grants, contracts, clinical trials, and other externally funded support. This includes working closely with their pre-award and departmental colleagues and on behalf of the Investigators to develop budgets and spending plan projections to ensure that internal controls are in compliance with applicable sponsor regulations and requirements. Post-Award Administrators’ responsibilities also include account oversight, cost-monitoring, salary and effort allocations, indirect costs, project close-out, and serving as a liaison with Research, Grants and Contracts (RGC). The Post-Award Administrators serve as the Investigators’ financial advisers. 

If you have questions concerning any aspect of your sponsored research support, contact your assigned Pre- or Post-Award Administrator! If your RAS contact is unknown, please identify the appropriate unit here. Once the appropriate unit is identified, contact information is available by unit. Portfolio assignments will be added to these pages in the coming months.   

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