Export Control Updates: Visiting Scholar OnBase Platform and EEI Filing

Visiting Scholar OnBase Platform

RCRA is partnering with OIT to build a visitor’s application form on OnBase to complement the Visiting Scholar and Visiting Student Policy that is currently routing for approval. RCRA receives requests via email to review and approve visiting scholars for research security and export controls. It is expected that the OnBase platform will replace email submissions once it is in place. The form is currently in pre-production phase, where testing and debugging is being done in partnership with a select number of users. It will be produced and tested again with select group in early April before rolling out to all Emory.

Electronic Export Information Filing Requirements

EEI is data that the US Census Bureau and the Customs and Border Protection require to be filed prior to exporting goods from the U.S. to a foreign country. In general, EEI filing is required for goods valued at more than $2,500 or those that require a U.S. government export license. The filing requirement applies equally to items that are shipped using courier services such as FedEx and to items that may be hand-carried by a traveler.

Special requirements for China, Venezuela, and Russia: EEI filing is required for all items on the Commerce Control List (CCL) that are destined for China, Russia, or Venezuela regardless of the value of the shipment. The CCL includes commonly used items such as laptops and cellphones. There is no exception for hand-carried items!

How to Comply: Contact Export Control Office (exportcontrol@emory.edu) before making any international shipment to any destination if the shipment is above $2500 or if it requires a U.S. government export license. Additionally, contact Export Control Office before shipping or hand-carrying Emory-issued laptops, cellphones, or other equipment to China, Venezuela and Russia (regardless of dollar value), even for a short period of time.

See additional information here.

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