Effort Certification

The most recent set of effort certification forms has been created for the September through February period. Emory policy requires for these forms to be certified by no later than the end of May. These forms have been assigned to your respective RAS representatives for review and you will receive an automated email from the effort system once the review has been completed and the form is ready for certification. Please ensure that the forms are promptly certified and reach out to your RAS representative if you have any concerns with the percentages, questions on the process, or trouble with the system.

Effort certification is a method to ensure that salary charged to a sponsored project is reasonable and aligns with the activity on that project. This control is a federal requirement documented in the Uniform Guidance and reviewed annually by external auditors to ensure compliance.  Failure to meet these requirements could result in audit findings and loss of sponsor funding.  The process also ensures that effort committed in a proposal and awarded is carried out as required.

A link to the effort reporting system (ERS) is below:


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