Sailing with the Gods: Beta 5.3! Fight Pirates and Survive Storms!

We have just released the newest version, Beta 5.3, of the Sailing with the Gods game!

We are excited to announce that this new build has work developed through our partnership with Kennesaw State University. Students Kylie Gilde, Donovan Fain, and Timmy Hawkins developed mini-games empowering you as the player to defend your crew, fighting pirates and escaping the onslaught of storms.

This release also has new pirate portrait artwork by Emory undergraduate Phoebe Han!

Thank you to the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship for sharing news of this release! Find out more about it on their blog.

Play the game!

You can download it under Beta Version on the Play the Game page, and feel free to leave comments on that page through our feedback form!

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