Discovery Seminar: Metaphor

Welcome to our seminar, Judge Tami Wells Thomas (March 13, 2023)

Tami Wells Thomas, Assistant Professor, Business & Social Sciences Department Tami Wells Thomas is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice with the Business & Social Sciences Department of Perimeter College at Ge orgia State University. She received her B.A., from Denison University and her J.D, from University of Tennessee College of Law, where she completed a semester abroad in Cape Town South Africa. She also served as a community clinic legal volunteer and

interned with the Tennessee Legal Aid Society. After law school, Thomas has worked for over 23 years in a Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practice in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District and in the Middle District of GA. Thomas has been published in th e American Bankruptcy Institute. Thomas is also a parttime Magistrate Court Judge in Newton County, Ga, and has worked as a Guardian Ad Litem in domestic and probate matters. However, what Dr. Wells Thomas loves most is teaching and traveling. Thomas is a member of the Georgia Bar Association; she is also an active member of several philanthropic educational societies and has received awards for her community service

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Referential Speech

Spring 2023 syllabus

Ian Bogost, “Shaka, When the Walls Fell”

Voyant Tools—data mining

Emotional Implications of Metaphor Consequences of Metaphor Framing for Mindset about Cancer

Cancer Research and $90 Billion Metaphor

War on cancer

Sample first essay

2013 | Vice President Biden concluded a week of meetings at the White House over how to curb gun violence:
VICE PRESIDENT JOSEPH BIDEN: We know that it is – there is no silver bullet.
And as for when he’d make his proposal?
BIDEN: I’m shooting for Tuesday. I hope I get it done by then.

Bite the bullet
Ride Shotgun
Shot in the dark
Go ballistic
Shoot from the hip
Gun shy

Do you want to watch the entire episode?

Sonnet Man, Oxford Greer Forum, February 6

Fairness and grading

Brown v. Plata

Higinbotham metaphors legal violence


Nick Cave

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A Veteran on Covid-19 War Metaphors

Constraints, Wired

Constraints, Source

Mending Wall” Prezi

“Litany,” by Billy Collins (“It seems that many poets believe that the answer to the rather insulting question, ‘what do women want?’ is quite simple: ‘metaphor.’”)

Metaphors and the Common Good

Dave: “no birds”:

Kang Trojan Horse of Race

Metaphors are more Emotionally Engaging

Hellsten and Nerlich 2008_

Metaphors and Genetics

Michael Boudin Antitrust Doctrine and the Sway of metaphor

McConachie Metaphors We Act By

Justice as Attunement

Awe and Prosocial Behavior

Metaphor article

Crime and Metaphor

Governing through Crime Metaphors