Noe Martinez’s Art 2018

 Noe Martinez created these art pieces for friends and supporters of Common Good Atlanta, 2018.
Shadow of a Dream (Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet) 17×22 inches

“Shadow of a Dream” is a completely acrylic painting only partially sealed in wax. The composition is of the back of a warehouse in the Chicago stick yards where my graffiti skills were cut. For many years, my art allowed me to elevate, in my mind, above the greywash background that was my world. Now imprisoned, I dream and long to be home again, but the reality of “you can never go home again” leaves me a style king with no kingdom, as I know the home I left no longer exists.

Something Wicked (Inspired by  Macbeth) 17×11 inches

“Something Wicked” is an acrylic, ink, watercolor, and graphite rendition of the three Wayward Sisters who manipulate Macbeth with their conjuring. Though they have few lines, I fell in love with the sisters’ lines and could not pass up the chance to render them with my brush.

Ophelia Drowning (Inspired by Hamlet) 11 x 9 inches

“Ophelia Drowning” is an acrylic, watercolor, and ink piece on cardboard mounted on masonite. My attempt with this composition was to palimpsest Ophelia’s suicide with the emotional abuse she suffered at Prince Hamlet’s hand in a single image.

Sons of Caliban (Inspired by The Tempest) 11 x 15 inches

“Sons of Caliban” is a watercolor and acrylic composition sealed in wax. The juxtaposition of Caliban’s quote and the maya glyph of the featured serpent god is my attempt at mocking the meta narrative of the MesoAmerican people I saw in Caliban’s story.

Echo of Me (Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) 23 x 24 inches

“Echo of Me” is my first ever watercolor painting. It is sealed in wax and is laced with quotes from Shelley’s text that echoed my own inner thoughts at the realization of the type of criminal I had become. The lowest quote is actually such a favorite of mine, that it is where I derived my pseudonym from: The Fallen.






“Say Cheese”

“Say Cheese” is a photocopy of a security cam still that captured my image climbing a train trellis while attempting to put up more graffiti. It is covered in wild style graffiti rendered in permanent marker and sealed in wax.

Noe is an international graffiti artist who is teaching himself other forms while blending graffiti and punk rock styling into everything he draws, paints, and writes in hopes of creating his own style.