Foreverfamily Back-to-School Party, 2017

Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people — the beauty within themselves.

Langston Hughes

The Foreverfamily children, caregivers, volunteers, and staff  were surrounded by beauty on Saturday: the beauty of art and the beauty of people.

Many thanks to the High Museum of Art for hosting 68 of us for a back-to-school party art extravaganza! The High gave us an entire floor of their space to celebrate painting, poetry, puppets, and the artist inside all of the children .

We had pizza at the museum before a special tour of the Ashley Bryan Exhibit with storytellers Akbar Imhotep and John Doyle helping Ashley Bryan and Langston Hughes’ words and illustrations “fly off the page”:

Nicole Cromartie, High’s Manager of Family Programs, brought out the astute art critics in the children:

Then Marquetta Johnson allowed the children to make their own puppets, inspired by Ashley Bryan:

Here are more pictures and videos from the inspiring day: