Studies in Shakespeare: Hamlet

Hamlet Syllabus

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The prompt book from an 1874 staging of Hamlet by English actor and manager Henry Irving (1838–1905), in which he experimented with using limelight (burning calcium oxide) to represent the ghost.

Nicholas Rowe on Shakespeare, 1709:

It is at this Time, and upon this Accident, that he is said to have made his first Acquaintance in the Play-house. He was receiv’d into the Company then in being, at first in a very mean Rank; But his admirable Wit, and the natural Turn of it to the Stage, soon distinguish’d him, if not as an extraordinary Actor, yet as an excellent Writer. His Name is Printed, as the Custom was in those Times, amongst those of the other Players, before some old Plays, but without any particular Account of what sort of Parts he us’d to play; and tho’ I have inquir’d, I could never meet with any further Account of him this way, than that the top of his Performance was the Ghost in his own Hamlet.

Hathaway Cottage, Stratford

Brian Kurlander’s scripts:

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OpenSource Shakespeare (tool for searching all his works)

Hamlet (2000). Ethan Hawke

Hamlet (1996). Kenneth Branagh

Hamlet (1948). Lawrence Olivier

Hamlet (1990). Mel Gibson

Hamlet [composed by Brett Dean] (opera) –

Hamlet [directed by Simon Godwin] – Digital Theatre +

Hamlet [directed by Jeffery Kisson] – Digital Theatre +

Hamlet [Directed by Antoni Cimolino] – Digital Theatre +

Hamlet [directed by Robin Lough] – Alexander Street Press

Horatio’s Hamlet [directed by Jay Woelfel] – Alexander Street Press

Hamlet [directed by Eric Weinthal, Dug Rotstein] – Alexander Street Press

Commedia Dell’Arte Hamlet [directed by Nick Havinga] – Alexander Street Press

Hamlet 1.2 Folio

Article / Hamlet and the Ghost- A Joint Sense of Time

Tine and the Apocalypse in Hamlet

Kronberg Castle, from Nicklas Gose:

Lily Steele Essay

Hamlet 1.2 Folio



The “Red Book” Hamlet legacy:

Johnston Forbes-Robertson

Henry Ainley

Michael Redgrave

Laurence Olivier

Peter O’Toole

Derek Jacobi.       -1996

Kenneth Branagh. 1996-2017

Tom Hiddleston 2017-present