Peer Mentoring at Burruss Correctional

Welcome to our peer-review network among Burruss Correctional, Emory, Georgia Tech, Spelman, and Morehouse students who will meet once every six weeks at the men’s prison to workshop, review, and give each other feedback on academic projects (Burruss Correctional, a men’s prison in Forsyth, GA)

The men at Burruss Correctional are taking part in a college class taught by Emory, Georgia State University, and Morehouse faculty

Structure: About six outside students arrive at Burruss on a Friday evening 5-7 p.m

  • have a 20-minute group discussion
  • followed by “pods” of three people (two Burruss, one outside student) in which they discuss their current projects or papers and provide peer review
  • close with everyone sharing what they learned 

-Requires a training course that can be completed at home on your laptop (takes a total of 14-18 hours, on your own time, and must be completed by August 15)

 If you want to participate but cannot attend on July 17, contact Dr. Higinbotham (sarah [dot] higinbotham [at] emory [dot] edu) or Niels Armbruster (niels [dot] armbruster [at] emory [dot] edu) or Dyson Stallworth (dyson [dot] stallworth [at] emory [dot] edu)