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Resources for Patients

  Grady Patient Navigators: Kimberlee Scott 5-6474 (cell 404 319-6702) or Barbara Glover 5-6463 (cell 678 265-7396) They can coordinate home health, arrange clinic follow-up. An ideal resource for Grady patients who you are worried about and want to expedite access to outpatient care. You can also message them via your epic inbox after hours. …

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Case of the Month #4 Pelvic Fracture

EMory Files Case #4:  Poly-Trauma Hx:   40’s yo M presents with auto v. pedestrian PE:   VS:  Manual BP 80/40, HR 140, B LE Open Deformities, 2+ in all 4, pelvis stable, GCS 7 (2, 2, 3)  Poly-Trauma: ***Case Discussion of Polytrauma with Dr. Prest with Emory Trauma Surgery*** Teaching Point #1:  Problems with airway …

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Case of the Month #5

EMory Files Case #5:  Massive PE Hx:  40 yo F hx of Lupus presents with CP SOB  PE:   VS:  BP 90/50, HR 125, RR 30, O2 88%, afebrile.  Awake and alert, mild distress improved with nonrebreather.   Case Discussion Massive PE: ***Case Discussion Wissam Jaber, Dir. PE Response Team***   Teaching Point #1:  Negative …

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Case of the Month: Beta Blocker Overdose

EMory Files  Case #6:  Beta Blocker Overdose Hx:  70 yo presented with AMS s/p seizure. BS 35 in field PE:   VS: HR39, RR 10, 80/40, O2 98% RA.  After 2 amps of D50 àBS 130.  Mental status:  wakes up to follow commands but falls asleep quickly. Beta Blocker Toxicity ***Case Discussion with Dr. Kazzi***  1)  …

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