2021 Biology Undergraduate Research Award in honor of Pat Marsteller

Wajd Alaidrous

The Pat Marsteller award recognizes Biology majors who have excelled in research during their Emory careers. This year’s award goes to two students, Wajd Alaidrous and Dani Farchi. In the de Roode lab, Wajd published a paper on the effects of circadian rhythm disruption on the susceptibility of monarch butterflies to parasites. Further, Wajd’s honors thesis, which will soon be submitted for publication, assessed the effects of monarch densities on parasitism

Daniela Farchi

As a member of the Corbett Lab, Dani used genetic engineering in yeast to develop a model for studying multiple myeloma cancer, work which will soon be submitted for publication. Additionally, she developed models of the RNA exosome that were used to study SHRF syndrome, work that is currently in revision for publication.