Update from Ethan Schiff

Ethan Schiff is raising money to make a documentary about his grandmother, Vera Schiff, a Holocaust survivor.

Ethan Schiff, B.A. 2008, writes, “After graduating from Emory, I moved to London, UK for a year where I worked as a videographer. I shot videos for many different companies and organizations all around England and even a few in mainland Europe. I met some amazing people and went to many small towns in England that I, otherwise, never would have visited. When I returned to the United States, I worked on some film and commercial sets as a production assistant, but I quickly decided that was not the professional route for me. I am now based in Toronto, where I am continuing my work as a videographer and documentary filmmaker.” He recently made a short documentary called A Silver Lining about his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, which has been accepted as a finalist for the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre Spirit of Hope Video Contest. The film will be shown at the Centre’s gala on May 31st to attendees including Alan Dershowitz, Bob Woodward, David Gergen, and Robert Gibbs. He is now working on another documentary about his grandmother. Ethan explains, “In this documentary, Vera Schiff, a Holocaust survivor, returns to the concentration camp where she was held to explain how she fell in love during the devastating time. Though she has many stories of pain and tragedy, this film focuses on the few moments of relative ease and happiness that Vera felt amidst the tragic deaths of her grandmother, sister, father, and mother. The film explores to what extent happiness can be considered a relative term and how it can be found in the darkest of times.”  He is raising funds for the documentary through the Kickstarter program. You can see a video and learn more about the film, and perhaps give Ethan a donation, on the  Kickstarter Terezin website.