Alumni Update: Alexander Colonna (BA, 1998)

A graduate of Emory and former history major, Alexander Colonna is now an acute care surgeon at the University of Utah. He is also completing a Master of Science in Clinic Investigation, with a thesis/project titled “Measuring Sleep in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.” Among his responsibilities is leading in the teaching of 4th year medical students that do sub-internships at the University of Utah.

Alexander’s eldest son turns 6 in November and is starting kindergarten next week. His daughter just turned three, and his youngest is now four months old. He became a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons last year. In addition, he is in the Army Reserves and has served in Iraq in 2011 and Afghanistan in 2013. Alexander’s wife Sarah is also faculty at the University of Utah, currently serving as a clinical instructor in the Oncology department. Soon to be promoted to assistant professor, she is in the MSCI program but will be finished with it this academic year.

Alexander and his wife are busy but couldn’t be happier!