Joseph Crespino Discusses Jimmy Carter’s Legacy on Georgia Public Broadcasting

Joseph Crespino recently contributed to “A Millennial Look at Jimmy Carter,” a piece about changing perceptions of the former president and his legacy over time. Authored by Sam Whitehead for Georgia Public Broadcasting, the story includes commentary by Crespino, Julian Zelizer of Princeton, and Steve Hochman of the Carter Center. Read/listed to the full story here.

“We remember Carter as a one term president, but his presidency had significant achievements,” said Joseph Crespino, who teaches history at Emory University. “The re-negotiation of this historic treaty with Panama, and issues over the Panama Canal was a major achievement,” said Crespino. “So too with Camp David, of course. Who has done more to bring peace to the Middle East when you think about a legacy of American presidents over the last 50 years?”