Anderson Quoted in ‘WaPo’ Article on Black Voters’ Responses to Trump’s Baseless Fraud Claims

Dr. Carol Anderson was recently quoted in a Washington Post article titled “Anger builds in Black community over Trump’s claims of voter fraud in big cities.” The piece analyzes how Black voters have responded to Donald Trump’s accusations of voter fraud in cities with high populations of Black residents, such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, and Milwaukee. Anderson is Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies and Associated Faculty in the History Department. Read an excerpt from the article quoting Anderson below along with the full piece.

“It’s as vile now as it was during Reconstruction, when Democrats believed that Republicans were illegitimate and that Black voters had no right to be voting, and they did all of these terrorist activities to block African Americans from voting,” said Carol Anderson, professor of African American studies at Emory University. “It’s a very narrow, slippery slope, from saying ‘illegal votes’ to ‘illegal voters,’ so this attack on Black voters is real.”