Michael Camp (PhD, ’17) Publishes Piece in ‘Salon’

Dr. Michael Camp, a 2017 graduate of the doctoral program, recently published an article in Salon. The piece, “Sorry, Republicans: Joe Biden isn’t Jimmy Carter — and these aren’t the 1970s,” interrogates the comparisons that political opponents of Joe Biden have made between the current U.S. president and ex-president Jimmy Carter. Camp is the author of Unnatural Resources: Energy and Environmental Politics in Appalachia after the 1973 Oil Embargo (University of Pittsburg Press, 2019). Read an excerpt of the Salon piece below along with the full article.

“Perhaps it’s understandable that the Trumps might want to link Biden to Carter, who left office in 1981 in shame, having been thoroughly defeated in his bid for re-election by Ronald Reagan. But the comparison likely won’t stand for long, because our current situation bears little resemblance to the political morass of the late 1970s that doomed Carter’s quest for a second term in office.”