Clio Prizes Awarded for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in History

Clio, Muse of History in Greek Mythology

Four Emory College undergraduates were recently recognized for outstanding historical research through the History Department’s Clio Prizes, awarded annually to the best research paper in a junior/senior History Colloquium and to the best paper in a Freshman History Seminar. This year’s recipients are:

For the best paper written in a freshman seminar

  • Ethan Hill, “Are Video Games Causing Violence?” (Nominated by Prof. Judith Miller)
  • Thora Jordt, “Zapata‚Äôs Ghost: The Reinterpretation of Revolutionary Agrarian Values and Symbolism in the Zapatista Movement” (Nominated by Prof. Yanna Yannakakis)

For the best research paper written in a junior/senior colloquium

  • Tori Jordan, “Reproducing Slavery” (Nominated by Prof. Yami Rodgriguez)
  • Yingyi Tan, “Meat and Modernity” (Nominated by Prof. Laura Nenzi)

Congratulations to the 2022-23 winners! Find the archive of all past winners here.

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