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Course Evaluation

EFOTS-Course-Rubric I have learned so much from this course.  When I have evaluations of my courses, I think I would rather have open ended questions to find ways of improvement.  If I have a large MOOC, I’m sure I would use a similar rubric.  Leah, Thank you for being patient with me during this process.  …

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UDL and Accessibility

Over the years, the office of Disability services, has given great leadership on how I as a professor should interact with students in my f2f class.  I think it is important to highlight the students’ needs as a starting point.  Overall improvements to the course should include being inclusive of participating and potential students (disabilities …

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OERs and Open Source

I have been familiar with the conversations around Open Source materials.  I was not familiar with the websites where this week’s class material took us.  I found the sources fascinating.  I really like the Creative Commons website.   When it comes to copyright, our Pitts library staff has handled the details of what we can use.  I’m not …

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Self-directed Heutagogical Learning

I loved the article on self-directed heutagogical learning. I feel like my online course has found a home. It of course will be a challenge. The concept is still so new and unknown that my computer is telling me it is misspelled. In my course, I am seeking to develop self-motivated ministers to do acts …

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Motivation for Teaching Online

When I reflect on the readings and question what motivates me to teach online, I think there is a basic justice issue that comes to the forefront.  If my class is online, it could ultimately be offered to anyone regardless of location and social standing.  In the traditional classroom, especially at a place like Emory, …

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