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M2 Communication Exemplar guide

Module 2 Communication Exemplar Prompt: After reading and researching about Managing your Online Course, take a moment (or two) to reflect and describe what motivates you to want to teach in the online classroom. In what ways do you believe you will be effective and impact student learning in this medium of teaching? Next, write …

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Optional M1 Reflection Post

Feel free to respond to any/all of these question prompts: How are you feeling about EFOT in general? How did the video tutorials reinforce the M1 activities?  What did you think about Zaption, the interactive video software? How was using VoiceThread to begin to connect with one another? What are your thoughts about using VoiceThread …

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Hello EFOT Learners!

Welcome to the world of blogging. We will use Scholarblogs periodically throughout our course to reflect and synthesize theory and practice of online teaching and learning. This course is focused on your growth as an online learner, even though you’ll be eventually in the instructor role, if you aren’t already. I’ll do my very best …

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