Checklist for Volunteers and Minors Participating in Research Activities

This is just a quick reminder to the labs that non-Emory lab personnel must register with EHSO.  Lab personnel that are not Emory employees must receive EHSO and/or IACUC approval prior to participating in research.  Here is a checklist of items that must be submitted before the individual will be approved to work in the lab.

  1. Volunteer Registration form ( Individuals 18 years of age and older)
  2. Minor Registration Form (Individuals less than 18 years of age)
  3. Training ELMS (request guest user account from EHSO)
  4. Training Completion in CITI Program (if working with animals)
  5. Immunizations/Immunization Records: Individuals can submit hard copies of immunization records to EHSO, obtain additional blood work from Employee Health Services, or submit a Immunization Declination Form to EHSO)
  6. Submission of Protocol Amendments

EHSO’s approval for volunteers or minors to participate in research activities is valid for a maximum of one year.  A new registration form must be completed at least annually.  All forms are available on the EHSO website (

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