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Chemical Safety for Rodent Users Refresher Training

This interactive Online refresher course is required for all personnel using chemicals in animals classified as Level 3 agents as indicated in the Hazard Assessment accompanying the Chemicals in Animals Approval Letter. Individuals taking this course would have completed a classroom training more than 3 years ago. The online refresher provides a brief overview of […]

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Upcoming NCURA Webinar

Please look at the table below to find the webinar’s topic, location, ELMS class code, date and time. Register as soon as possible on ELMS.      

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Upcoming RAE Foundation Class

The next RAE Foundations Class series will be offered on the following dates in May:   Day 1 – Monday, May 21, 2018 Day 2 – Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Day 3 – Wednesday, May, 30, 2018   The class code is 236180-13359. Please sign up in ELMS as soon as possible.  

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Bio and Chem Protocol Submissions

Have you reviewed, updated, submitted and certified your Biosafety and/or Chemical Safety Registration for 2017? Do you have annual updates due in November or December? Be sure to complete all submissions on time because the holidays are slowly approaching and do not let your protocol expire. Use BioRAFT for submission of all of your biosafety […]

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Upcoming NCURA Webinars

  Please see the table below for more information on the upcoming NCURA webinars. The highlighted webinars are a 3 part series. Please note, space will be limited for webinars hosted in rooms 4A and 5A. We encourage those interested to register in ELMS as soon as possible.    

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ELMS NEW User Interface and Web Address

Emory’s ELMS online learning system was upgraded by Human Resources. The new hyperlink is https://elmprod9.emory.edu. This new platform works best if you launch it in the later version of Firefox. If you experience technical difficulty while completing Online courses on ELMS, please email euhelp@emory.edu. You may be able to resolve the issue more quickly by […]

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Avoid Technical Problems in ELMS

When accessing online training in ELMS, the following are the minimum system requirements: To avoid the most common time-consuming errors in ELMS, follow the ELMS Course Completion Guide with precision while taking each online course. The PDF guide can be located at the website bit.ly/ELMSguide.

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Lab Safety Training Format Changes in ELMS

The Lab Safety Training course is now divided into three separate presentations, three separate quizzes, and a survey.   In order to receive credit for the course, each individual must complete all three presentations, complete all of the quiz questions, and complete the survey.   The course format was changed in an attempt to address the scoring […]

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Training Completion in ELMS

When completing training within ELMS, each individual must enroll into the training properly.  Do not re-launch courses from your learning transcript.  If the course is re-launched from here, ELMS will not record your enrollment into the course.  You will only be reviewing your previous training and your score will not be saved in the system. […]

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Checklist for Volunteers and Minors Participating in Research Activities

This is just a quick reminder to the labs that non-Emory lab personnel must register with EHSO.  Lab personnel that are not Emory employees must receive EHSO and/or IACUC approval prior to participating in research.  Here is a checklist of items that must be submitted before the individual will be approved to work in the […]

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