Emory Proposal Express (EPEX) Workflow Certifications

Any certifier that has effort on a grant must certify the proposal himself/herself. If a proposal has a week until the deadline, PSGrants must give the certifier 2 business days to certify. If that certifier has not certified within that time span and the proposal needs to be rushed, the appropriate approval will need to be obtained before skipping a certifier in the workflow. An email from the department chair will need to be sent to PSGrants@emory.edu with the proposal ID and name of the certifier who should be administratively skipped to vouch for their effort on the grant. Upon receipt of that email, the PSGrants administrators will bypass that user in the workflow.

If a certifier is out of the country or if there is any other circumstance that will prevent this user from certifying, PSGrants will be able to skip this user in the workflow. However, the department chair will need to send an email to PSGrants to vouch for this person’s effort on the grant. This policy is for all proposals that have measurable effort requested from personnel associated with the project(s).

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