Microscope Safety

For both inexperienced and experienced users, microscopes should always be handled with care. Proper microscope use will help prevent damage to the equipment and prevent laboratory accidents such as breaking slides.

  • Clean the microscope after each use.
    • Clean smudged lenses with lens paper. Avoid applying pressureScreen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.37.28 AM
      with a cloth as the lenses are very fragile.
    • Wipe the stage (the platform that holds the slides) down thoroughly
      and disinfect the eyepiece with an alcohol-based wipe.
  • Handle glass slides carefully. If a slide breaks, ensure that the contents
    are properly disposed and report the incident in PeopleSoft if an injury
  • Turn off the light source when the microscope is not in use. This will improve lamp longevity and save energy.
  • Be aware if your microscope has a mercury lamp. A broken mercury lamp may release toxic mercury vapors. You can dispose of any unwanted mercury-containing devices by submitting a pick-up request to chemwaste@emory.edu
  • When carrying the microscope, always use two hands with one hand supporting the base and theother hand holding the arm.
  • Properly store the microscope by lowering the nosepiece, turning off the light source, and placing the objective lenses on the lowest setting. Cover with a dust jacket.
  • Ensure your microscope is scheduled for preventative maintenance and keep the area around the microscope clean. For more information, consult the manufacturer’s manual for your equipment

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