Lab Safety Training Format Changes in ELMS

The Lab Safety Training course is now divided into three separate presentations, three separate quizzes, and a survey.   In order to receive credit for the course, each individual must complete all three presentations, complete all of the quiz questions, and complete the survey.   The course format was changed in an attempt to address the scoring issues that many have encountered.  The course content has not changed and the number of slides has not increased.

Following the completion of each presentation and each quiz, it will be necessary to refresh your score.  This will enable the system to accurately track your progress within the course.  Additionally, the course survey must be submitted in order for the course to be marked complete in ELMS.  For assistance with the course, contact Sean Kaufman at 404-727-2729 or Chris Johnston at


° Use only the Firefox browser and remember to allow pop-ups

° Each presentation and each quiz will need to be launched in order to complete the training

° Each multiple choice question will allow two attempts to select the correct answer

° Each true/false question will allow one attempt to select the correct answer

° Click “Refresh your score after each segment”

° Click “Return to Activity Progress” to advance to the next segment of the course

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