New Sponsored Research Accounts Receivable Aging Report

Emory Business Intelligence also introduces a new report named “The Sponsored Research Accounts Receivable Aging Report”.   The Sponsored Research Accounts Receivable Aging Report contains Accounts Receivable information for all sponsored (research) activities at Emory University. The report contains open invoice information generated from Compass associated with sponsored research activities. The report also includes the original invoice amount due from the sponsor, the current balance (the difference between cash received and applied to the invoice, and the invoice’s remaining balance due from the sponsor). The report provides information on the length of time between the date the invoice was issued and the current date.

The report contains sponsor, sponsor type, primary sponsor (if flow-through), primary sponsor type, Contract #, Contract type, Title, PI, Begin/End dates, Invoice #, Invoice date, invoice amount, the unpaid balance, and an aged amounts, which indicates past due length of a receivable (invoice).

Users may enter appropriate information into the following prompted fields, in order to return results for their specific reporting needs:

  • Award Operating Unit
  • Agency (sponsor) name
  • Primary Sponsor Name
  • Award
  • Contract type
  • Invoice Number
  • Aging Status
  • Award Department
  • Agency Type
  • Primary Sponsor Type
  • Item status
  • Principal Investigator
  • Item number.

In addition, the user may click on a column within the report and select the include column option in order to identify and potentially include addition data fields.

The resulting report may be printed or exported to PDF, Excel, Power point or other formats.

Users should direct balance and accounts receivable related inquiries to Gyorgyi Katai.  For help using the report, please contact Jennifer Stenjem or Jennifer Gore.

Jennifer Stenjem, Assistant Manager
Cost Studies Report Group

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