September Reminders

Just a few reminders for the month of September from EHSO:

  • When moving Biological Safety Cabinets to a different floor or a different building, the BSC must be decontaminated prior to the move and affixed with the equipment hazard tag.
  • Be sure to visit the regulated waste schedule.
  • Personnel working in your lab who are not affiliated with Emory or Oxford (either as a student or paid worker) need to be documented by submitting a volunteer form or a minor form if the individual is under 18. The volunteer would also need to be added to the Biosafety protocol by submitting an amendment. Minors do not need to be added to Biosafety protocols.
  • When decommissioning a lab space, please review our decommissioning guide to ensure the lab is in safe and stable condition for personnel to enter.
    Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.53.15 AM

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