Effort Reporting System Upgraded to Version 9.0

The Effort Reporting System has been upgraded to version 9.0.  The look is slightly different but most of the features and functionality remain the same.  The home screen now has the option to search for effort forms by account (Smartkey).  See screen shots below:

2015 sept p2










The Search Employee Effort Forms by Account (Smart Key) option allows you to search for a list of all effort forms that contain a specific account.  The Search result will provide the following information about employee’s effort form:

  • RPCode (reporting period code)
  • Sub Department
  • Form Status – Displays the status of the effort form g: Pending Pre review

Effort Form Link – Displays the effort  Example:

2015 sept p3














If you have any questions, please feel free to contact James Goff (Jbgoff@emory.edu) or Rubena Bedi at (rmayer2@emory.edu).

Rubena Bedi, Finance Analyst Sr.
Controller’s Office

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