Chemical Management Campaign

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EHSO recently launched a new campaign to help researchers reclaim space, reduce exposure, and avoid incidents and spills related to hazardous chemicals. In the coming weeks, you may see posters within the research buildings regarding this campaign. Researchers are encouraged to evaluate their current hazardous chemicals by considering the following questions:

  • How does my lab use this chemical?
  • How often is it used?
  • Is the material still suitable for its intended use?
  • Does the material become unstable or unsafe beyond its shelf-life?
  • Is the material’s container visibly damaged, cracked, or deteriorated?

If you identify hazardous chemicals that are unused, unwanted and/or no longer usable, you can safely dispose of them through EHSO. Visit for all the details. If you have additional questions, contact:

Dionna Thomas

Jordan Sumliner

Please note: the clean-out month indicated below does not affect the weekly scheduled collection of regulated waste. The schedule is only a guide. If your building’s designated month has passed, you can still have your chemicals collected by EHSO.

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