Volunteers and Minors in Research Labs

volunteer is an individual who is not affiliated with Emory (non-Emory Student or non-Emory Personnel)-See Emory University Policy 4.83

minor is any person who has not attained 18 years of age and who is not enrolled in an Emory University or Oxford College regular catalog course or degree program- See Emory University Policy 7.21


All volunteers and minors who intend to participate in a research laboratory at Emory University MUST:

  1. Complete the Volunteer or Minor form and send to biosafe@emory.edu
  2. PI, Supervisor, or other Lab Contact must request a guest account for both minors and volunteers at https://apps.hr.emory.edu/elms/external
  3. Provide documentation of Hepatitis B vaccine (3 doses and antibody titer), if working with any human source material
Type of Volunteer Training Requirements (ELMS)
All Volunteers Research Lab Safety Training (course code: 240150)

BBP training (course code: 240100)

Biosafety training (course code: 240120)

Minor Register for Lab Safety Awareness for High School Students (course code: 240155). This is training is in a classroom format but ELMS registration is required. Contact your building liaison or biosafe@emory.edu for training dates.

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