FAQs for completing your Biosafety or Chemical in Animals registrations

What do I do if I haven’t accessed BioRAFT before?

  1. Send email to biosafe@emory.edu. Your registration will need to be initiated by EHSO

If you have a new project for review

  1. Log into BioRAFT
  2. Click Bio Summary
  3. Click Projects, then click add New Project Form
  4. Complete and submit
  5. In the Lab Biological Summary make sure that all surveys, pathogen forms, and or viral vector forms are submitted and up to date
  6. Click Certify

For annual updates

  1. Go to emory.bioraft.com and log in using your Emory ID and password.
  2. Complete the Lab Set Up Wizard: update personnel list
  3. Complete the Biological Registration wizard and certify at the bottom of the Lab Biological Summary. If the Compliance liaison is reviewing the summary, he/she clicks “NOTIFY PI”.
  4. Complete the Chemical registration wizard and Highly Hazardous Chemical Survey
  5. Upload the Corrective Action Plan for 2017

For amendments to biosafety or chemical in animals forms

  • To add members:
    1. Under “Members” tab
      1. Add name and job activity
    2. Under “BIO” tab
      1. Check off the new name in the corresponding project form
    3. Under “Chemicals in Animals Form (CA)”
      1. Check off the name of the person to be added to the CA form
  • To add biological agents:
    1. Under “BIO” tab
      1. Complete/ amend surveys and tables
      2. Complete pathogen and/or viral vector project forms
      3. Project Form
        1. Add justification for addition of biological agent
        2. Indicate if agent will be used in animals (IACUC), humans (IRB), and if there is a permit requirement (USDA, CDC, Pharmacy)
    2. Under “Chemicals in Animals Form (CA)”
      1. If adding nanoparticles, the project form will be amended. Add pertinent information under Description of Experimental and Procedural Details.
  • To add chemical agents:
    1. Under “Chemicals in Animals Form (CA)”
      1. “Basics” tab
        • Project summary: add justification for addition of chemical agent and date if amending the information
        • Confirm personnel and spaces
      2. “Chemical & Dosing” tab
        • Add chemical, animal species, dose & frequency, and route of administration
      3. “Procedures” tab
        • Add how the chemical will be prepared and which engineering controls will be used
      4. “Practices” tab
        • Review and amend if applicable
      5. Review and Submit
      6. Go to the “View” tab to certify


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