Breathe Easy!

At the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHSO), we believe your workplace should be a place of comfort that offers adequate indoor air quality and is free of health hazards. If you have concerns about the indoor air quality within your space, proper ventilation, or odor concerns… EHSO can help you! 

Do you see mold? 

Mold can be a source of common allergens and can cause eye and respiratory irritation.

If you see mold within your work space, EHSO can coordinate with facilities maintenance to identify the source of the mold and have it properly removed.

What’s that smell?  

If you smell something that you can’t identify, our office can help! Follow these simple steps if you have an odor complaint:

  1. If the odor cannot be identified, contact facilities maintenance first.
  2. Explain the odor to facilities and facilities will directly contact EHSO to do a walkthrough and visual assessment of the area to determine the source of the odor.
  3. Once the odor has been identified, EHSO will make the appropriate recommendations to assist in  eliminating the odor.

Contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office to receive a brief odor questionairre to have your area assessed!

How do you feel when you’re at work? 

Do you see excessive dust within your work area or do you feel that your area is not receiving proper ventilation? If so, EHSO can work with facilities maintenance to assess the HVAC system, duct work, and air filters to ensure that the system is working properly and that filters are being changed during routine maintenance to provide you with adequte air quality.

Contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office to receive a brief indoor air quality questionnaire to have your area assessed!

“Who you gonna call?!”

Contact EHSO at 404-727-5922 or email us at if you have any questions. Learn more at

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