Lab Safety Spotlight Winners in FY19

EHSO Research Safety team nominated labs every month to recognize their commitment to safety. The winners received a pizza party.  

The Kim Lab was the winner for August. Congratulations to the members of Dr. Minsu Kim’s research group for embracing a culture of safety.  

Dr. Minsu Kim Lab. Top left photo, L-R: Minsu, Emrah, Matty, Dai; Top middle photo, L-R: Emrah, Chloe; Top right photo, L-R: Waqas, Emrah, Daniel, Matty, Qihan, Dai, Minsu; Bottom photo, L-R: Freya, Emma, Liz, Minsu, Matty, Tats

Congratulations and keep up the great work! 

Lab Safety Spotlight Winners in FY19:

  • October 2018: Dr. Shannon Meeks and Dr. Pete Lollar Lab 
  • November 2018: Dr. Anna Kenney Lab 
  • December 2018: Dr. Christine Moe Lab 
  • January 2019: Dr. F. Eun-Hyueng Lee Lab 
  • February 2019: Dr. Susan Ray Lab 
  • March 2019: Dr. Rafi Ahmed 
  • April 2019: Dr. Christopher LaRock Lab 
  • May 2019: Dr. Huw Davies Lab 
  • June 2019: Dr. Madhav Dhodapkar Lab 
  • July 2019: Dr. Max Cooper Lab and Dr. Sagar Lonial Lab (We had a tie!) 
  • August 2019: Dr. Minsu Kim Lab 

Ways members of research labs can embrace a culture of safety: 

  • Maintain your EHSO training up to date 
  • Know the biological or chemical properties or characteristics of the materials that you are using in research 
  • Use your PPE according to the lab specific PPE Assessment 
  • Review the safety and lab specific SOPs before commencing work 
  • Clean after you have finished your work 
  • Know how to respond to and report an incident or accident 

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