PI Financial Portal to Provide Financial Overview for Faculty

Have you ever had a question about your financial portfolio, but were unsure who to ask about a speed type or the balance of a project? Have you dreamed of a “snapshot” where information about your awards and projects are consolidated for easy viewing and access?

We have heard these questions and ORA is committed to acting on faculty feedback. Teams from across the University are actively developing a PI Financial Portal to provide your complete sponsored and non-sponsored financial portfolio on-demand in one convenient location. Upon deployment, researchers will log into Emory Business Intelligence (EBI) for their customizable dashboard and complete portfolio.


Will I be able to see sponsored and non-sponsored projects?

Yes. The tool will present both sponsored and non-sponsored projects in which you are listed as an Award PI or a Project PI.

What information will be shown in the dashboard?

  • Grants and Contracts
    • Projects ending within 90 days
    • Employees paid by projects ending in 90 days
    • Number of projects with a direct available balance
    • Active projects with a deficit balance
  • Effort Reporting for Investigators and Research Staff
  • Pending Proposals
  • Non-Sponsored Projects

How is this different from the Financial Outlook Reporting Tool (FORT)?

This tool will show a customized view of high-level and detailed summaries, effort details for last effort reporting period, and pending proposals. It does not include all encumbrances (personnel expenditures, for example) or other projections you have developed with your RAS administrator and/or financial analyst.

When will the dashboard be available for use?

Please see the below graphic for a timeline of the project. Launch is anticipated in October 2020, after faculty pilot testing. Details will be forthcoming at that time about utilization.

Future information about the dashboard will be shared later this summer. If you’re interested in providing feedback as a faculty ambassador, please contact Denise Ehlen, RAS AVP.


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