FY22 Fringe Rate Announcement

*Sent on behalf of the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Grants and Contracts*

Dear Colleagues,

The FY22 federal and non-federal fringe rates have now been approved. The new rates are as follows:

These fringe rates become effective on September 1, 2021. All proposals to federal sponsors (or for federal flow-through) should begin using the rates for budget purposes immediately. If a proposal is already at OSP for a deadline within the next few days and you believe there is not time to correct the rate before the deadline, then OSP will submit the proposal as is. All new proposals being developed should use the new federal rate.

The new non-federal fringe rate should also be used in all new proposals moving forward. For budgeting purposes, the non-federal rate only may be increased by 0.25% per year for out years based on historical trends.

The Indirect Cost rate agreement date is August 18, 2021. The Cayuse424 proposal development system has been updated with the new rate and date. The new rates and the agreement can be found online at: https://finance.emory.edu/home/accounting/cost-accounting/fringe-proposal-fy22—signed.pdf

Thank you.

Office of Sponsored Programs

Research Grants and Contracts

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